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Payday Loan Debt Solution specializes in Payday Loan Consolidation and Debt Settlement. Many individuals take out a payday loan to pay bills or take care of expenses for a vacation. Unfortunately these loans are usually associated with high interest rates and many individuals find themselves needing to take out more payday loans just to payback the high interest rates. Going through our program can help you save money, while also reducing your monthly or bi-weekly payments.

  • Payday Loan Assistance

Payday Loans are meant to be a one time thing and if used correctly have been known to help a lot of individuals.Unfortunately many individuals can't afford to pay off these loans in one shot and they end up with multiple payday loans with extremely high interest rates. This process can  be scary and is known as the "vicious cycle". At Payday Loan Debt Solution we know how these lenders operate and the tactics they use to keep you paying high interest rates. 

  • The Payday Loan Consolidation Program

Do you have too many payday loans and can't afford the high interest rates?

If you answered yes then you have come to the right place as
our team of negotiators will assist you to get back on your feet financially. Our negotiators are highly trained to help you save money. Fact is that you are not alone as most consumers usually need to take out multiple payday loans due to the high interest rates, which usually get you into more debt.

Our company will set you up with lower payments on a customized payment schedule to help get you back on your feet. We are proud to say we have helped thousands of individuals and look forward to helping you.

  • Eliminate Payday Loans

We will set you up with a payment plan that you can afford, while attempting to settle your debt for substantially less than what you owe. You can be debt free within 6 to 24 months and in some cases even quicker! The best part is many clients are left over with extra savings!

Our team of highly trained negotiators will help you eliminate your debt. We will contact your lenders on your behalf and help you knock off a big portion of your debt. Our goal is to get you back on your feet and help you live a debt free life style. Call us now to learn more at

Why Choose Us?

Integrity, honesty, respect, commitment, and the zeal for excellence fuels our passion for quality service while we concentrate on building a long term commitment to helping individuals. Our team of negotiators will contribute to making the process easy, while saving you a lot of money!

You do not have to wait further on your payday loan issues. All you have to do is contact us now!

Payday Loan Debt Solution Is Your Solution To The Payday Loan Trap.

Payday Loan Debt Solution (PDLDS) does not offer Payday Loans. What we do is settle debt. We contact your lenders upon receipt of an executed agreement and begin negotiations immediately after you have funded a dedicated account we help you set up. This dedicated account will be set up under your name and you will have access to the funds in the dedicated account at all times. You understand that PDLDS can make no guarantees to the settlement amount and results may vary. The fees owed to PDLDS will be considered earned at the time a settlement has been arranged, agreed by you and your creditor. You must make at least one payment to creditor prior to beginning the program. Our typical program lasts between 6 to 24 months, depending on your needs and how quickly you would like to resolve the debt. The negative consequences in not making timely payments to creditors include: negative impact on your credit score and report, creditors may sue or continue with collection efforts and you may accrue new fees, interest and increase the amount you owe.